Production Perfection

Perfection in production is linked with the large production space, great storage capacity, modern production & packaging equipment, smooth flow of production activities and quality production work. At Organic Khandeshi Food Products, we understand the necessity of perfection in production. So, we have developed six modern, voluminous and developed production units in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. In the large space, prompt and quality work is done hassle-freely. Machines of great capacity, lower energy consuming and smoothly functioning make our production and packaging work of Papad, Pickle, etc., easy.

Serving Variety

We, as a new company, having hopes of becoming the most-trusted manufacturer in the Indian market, serve nutrition enriched food products in great variety. From Sorghum Jowar, Sharbati Wheat Flour, Papad, Turmeric Powder, and others, our food products range has a good variety that impresses clients. Safety while food preparation and packaging is maintained to ensure good production. As a part of our plan for high future growth, we are indulging in speedy production and doorstep delivery. There is a saying that no two or more customers can have exactly same demand at the same time. Believing in the same, we produce different variety in food products. Not only variety in food items is served but also quantities, we make several quantities in food items available for our clients under one roof.

What Suggests We Make Quality?

There are many factors that give hint of our quality food production. A few of these major factors are bulleted below:

  • Quality-based food ingredients sourcing method
  • Use of supreme quality ingredients
  • Quality system management at every production stage of Papad and other products
  • Adherence to national food production norms
  • Safety policies while manufacturing food items
  • Hygiene standards maintenance by every production expert
  • Use of gloves, aprons and head caps while food production and packaging
  • Quality auditing at different production levels
  • Production of food items as per FSSAI

Packaging Excellence

One main reason of our growing sales is packaging excellence. We make sure that packaging is done in a neat way so that customers get a know-how of of our quality. For packing of diverse food items, different packaging products are used, Plastic boxes, pouches, etc., are some to name high quality packaging products we use to pack Papad, Pickle etc.